Vacation Bible School

Dear brothers and sisters, children are precious to God and to us, and it is our job to help you reach them for Christ. Our method is to create NEW Sunday school and VBS materials each year, translating them into various languages so that children EVERYWHERE can hear the gospel.


Logo Surviving the Jungle VBS English
"Surviving the Jungle" English

Grab your binoculars and your travel pack and climb into the jeep, because it is time for a jungle VBS! The world around us is like a jungle, where we learn to survive even though others try to manipulate, steal, trick or take advantage of us. However, we can be confident when we learn who we are in Jesus Christ.

Logo Sheriff's Hacienda English
Sheriff's Hacienda English

Get ready for a rip roarin' ride down the Romans Road. (Evangelistic VBS)

Download (10 MB): Sheriff’s Hacienda VBS Leader’s Manual
Download in high resolution (20 MB): Sheriff’s Hacienda VBS Leader’s Manual High Definition